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Posting Special features

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(nm) This telltale will automatically appears in the message title when there is no text in the message.


This Image denotes that a picture has been posted in the message.


This Image denotes that a link has been included with the message.

The following is a list of special characters you can use to create a desired effect on your post.. for instance any "word\s" put between [b] "word\s" [/b] will result in that word becoming bold face. It is important to remember that every special character is a two step process one before the word and one after. ( hint: the one with "/" is always after )

[b] "word\s" [/b]           -  Makes the word\s Bold Face
[i] "word\s" [/i]           -  Makes the word\s Italic
[u] "word\s" [/u]           -  Makes the word\s Underline
[code] "word\s" [/code]     -  Formatting Stats see example
[center] "word\s" [/center] -  Centers word\s
[big] "word\s" [/big]       -  Makes the word\s Bigger
[small] "word\s" [/small]   -  Makes the word\s Smaller
[red] "word\s" [/red]       -  Makes the word\s the color red
[blue] "word\s" [/blue]     -  Makes the word\s the color blue
[gold] "word\s" [/gold]     -  Makes the word\s the color gold 
[green] "word\s" [/green]   -  Makes the word\s the color green
[yellow] "word\s" [/yellow] -  Makes the word\s the color yellow
[silver] "word\s" [/silver] -  Makes the word\s the color silver
[white] "word\s" [/white]   -  Makes the word\s the color white


The following additional features exist... Our software is now intuitive and will replace the following character combinations with a desired effect.

"Smiley" Codes

FlagsEmoticonsAnimationsNFL LogosMaking Tables

If you include certain ASCII "smiley" characters (also known as "emoticons") in the subjects or bodies of your messages, they'll be automatically converted to graphics, as follows.

:flag: God Bless America   :usarmy: Go Army   :usaf: Go Air Force   :usn: Go Navy   :usmc: Semper Fi   :POW: You Are Not Forgotten

:) Smile :)   :( Frown :(   :S( Sad :-(   :K) King :K)
:O Oh :O   :D Big Grin :D   -:O Angel -:O   :*~ Mad :*~
;) Wink ;)   8-) Glasses 8-)   :B) Blush :B)   :C) Cool :C)
:b or :p Tongue :b   :T Oh Well :T   :J) Jester :J)   :R) Read :R)
:A( Angry :A(   :- Indifferent :|   :S) Sailor :S)   :P) Pharaoh :P)
:V) Viking :V)   :d) Devil :d)   :M) Mad 2 :M)   :A) Alien :A)
:Y) Cowboy :Y)   :F) Patriot :F)   :H) Hippie :H)   :W) Vampire :W)
Chargerfan Emoticons
sd:) Smile sd:)   sd:( Frown sd:(   sd:T Oh Well sd:T   sd:K) King sd:K)
sd:O Oh sd:O   sd:D Big Grin sd:D   sd;) Wink sd;)   sd:*~ Mad sd:*~
sd;b Tongue ;)   sd8-) Glasses 8-)   sd:- Indifferent :|   sd:C) Cool sd:C)
sd:R) Read :R)   sd:A( Angry sd:A(   :sd: helmet :sd:   :tbsd: throwback

:alarm: Alarm   :Bubble: Bubble   :dance: dance   :dazed: dazed   :eek: eek
:eyes: eyes   :flaming: flaming   :glowface: glowface   :kiss: kiss   :laugh: laugh
:lick: lick   :Pimp: Pimp   :Pinkie: Pinkie   :Pukeface: Pukeface   :Point: Point
:shocked: shocked   :smokin: Smoking   :spin: Spin   :wobblyeyes: wobbly eyes   :demon: demon
:axe: axe   :sword: sword   :tombstone: tombstone   :ghostface: ghosteface   :skull: skull
:abduct: abducted   :Borg: Resistance is futile   :Brush: Brush   :calvin: Calvin   :clap: clap
:devil2: devil2   :drunk: Drunk   :flush: flush   :hammer: hammer   :laser: laser
:light: light   :love: love   :machinegun: machinegun   :passout: passout   :rotflmao: rotflmao
      :smokin2: Smokin2   :spam: SPAM   :spank: spank   :whipping: whipping

NFL logos
:Bufl: Buffalo Bills   :sfl: Sanfrancisco Forty-Niners   :stl: St. Louis Rams   :gbl: Green Bay Packers   :chil: Chicago Bears
:cinl: Cincinnatti Bengals   :denl: Denver Broncos   :clel: Cleveland Browns   :tbl: Tampa Bay Buccaneers   :sdl: San Diego Chargers
:kcl: Kansas City Chiefs   :indl: Indianapolis Colts   :dall: Dallas Cowboys   :mial: Miami Dolphins   :Phil: Philadelphia Eagles
:atll: Atlanta Falcons   :nygl: New York Giants   :jaxl: Jacksonville Jaguars   :nyjl: New York Jets   :carl: Carolina Panthers
:nel: New England Patriots   :oakl: Oakland Raiders   :Ball: Baltimore Ravens   :wasl: Washington Redskins   :nol: New Orleans Saints
:seal: Seattle Seahawks   :Pitl: Pittsburgh Steelers   :houl: Houston Texans   :tenl: Tennessee Titans   :minl: Minnesota Vikings
:aril: Arizona Cardinals   :detl: Detroit Lions   :evilsea: Seattle Seahawks

* The smileys etc.. above DO WORK IN THE NAME & SUBJECT FIELD'S

Please also remember that if you do not space your characters properly none of it will work ie: ...:) will not produce J because the periods are up against the left side of the smiley without a space.

Code Example

Below is an example of how to use the [code][/code] tags.. Text written above the [code] tag is rendered normally and will wrap in the text field and in the post while text "within" the [code]""[/code] tags is subject to the rules of formatting which is spacing.

The Box Score "table" below is an example of this...everything lines up. Try to keep your written text above or below the [code]""[/code] tags as this way you will not have to worry about putting in the hard returns manually.


SEATTLE               AB  R  H BI BB SO  Avg.
                      --  -  - -- -- --  ----
McLemore 2b-lf         4  1  1  0  0  0  .204
Javier rf              5  1  2  1  0  2  .347
ARodriguez ss          5  0  0  0  0  1  .333
Olerud 1b              5  0  2  1  0  0  .376

Text after the [/code] tag above is rendered normally and will wrap in the text field and in the post.
NOTE:The first paragraph following the [/code] tag will require hard returns manually just like the text within
the tags. Succeeding paragraphs will format normally without the hard returns.