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What is The Chargerfans Network?
The Chargerfans Network was started as a permanent place on the internet for a group of fans that had been together for several years on many different message boards all over the internet. The overall effort is to use this site to link all of the Charger fan sites on the internet together. This site will feature the devoted fan base of the San Diego Chargers by bringing them together in one place.

Why does it cost $5 to post on the message board?

Simply put, server space is not free and nobody here at The Chargerfans Network is rich. Most sites pay for their server space with ads, lots of them. Banners, Pop-ups, buttons, floaters, java/active-X controls, it's just crazy. You won't find any of that here at The Chargerfans Network. This site is totally paid by and for Chargerfans. We are only asking for a modest fee of $5 a year. That's less than buying a soda or candy bar each month for a year, less than a beer at the Murph. No one is gonna get rich off your $5 but this site will be able to remain free of the intrusive and annoying ads that flood 99% of all sites on the internet today.

Can I still use this site without paying anything?

Of course. You can surf this entire site, read the message board and use the links to visit other Charger fan sites and Charger related news sites. This site is for any and all Charger fans and we are glad to have you here. Please tell all your Charger fan friends about this site and let them check it out as well. We only ask for a membership fee if you want your voice to be heard on our message board. The choice will always be yours.

How can I meet members of The Chargerfans Network?

As explained on the tailgaters page, many of our members meet at the P3 portion of the parking lot of Qualcomm Stadium before Charger home games. Many more of our members do not live in San Diego, but plan road trips to other cities in which the Chargers play. Those trips are usually suggested on the message board and then planned out through e-mail. If you ever want to join us at P3, just show up and look for the banner. If you want to join us on the road, just e-mail us and we will happy to tell you about our itinerary for any road games.

What can I do to help The Chargerfans Network grow?

Aside from becoming a paying member to help cover the costs of running this site, the best thing you can do is to tell people about us. If you know a great Charger fan site out there on the net, tell them about us. Let's get every Charger fan site listed here and every Charger fan site linking to here. Join us on our tailgaters and road trips. The more the merrier couldn't be more true than when it comes to this group. Drop on by, sign the banner and bring your friends. As a Charger fan, there is nothing better than being surrounded by other Charger fans, and The Chargerfans Network is full of them.

ŠThe Chargerfans Network 2002-2005

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