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  Robert "Gush" Gushue was a long time member of our internet community and had a unique humor that could lighten up any discussion. Gush passed away on March 9th from cancer and a memorial will be held on March 30th in San Diego. is took up a collection to send something to the memorial service on our group's behalf to help provide food for the memorial reception and a floral arrangement at the service. He was survived by his wife Helen.

  The memorial will be held on March 30th at 1pm at Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery, San Diego, CA. and shortly after there will be a potluck at Gush's home, 4818 Lehrer Drive, San Diego, CA, 92117, (858) 576-1799
  Below is just an example of one of Gush's classic posts made during the 2001 training camp period.
"The weather at TC was horrible, 70's, cool an breezy, green and pleasant.......Some stern faced guy was yellin' at some fat guys gathered in a circle.....must've done something wrong at recess.........A bunch of midgets were throwin' an egg-shaped thing at extremely fast black guys and one small intense white stern faced guys were yellin at them......There was a group of real young-lookin' guys standin' around lookin' confused......they each had a big, thick book in their hands, and referred to it constantly, even while playin' some sort of a game of tag with the other guys........The stern faced guys where shakin' their heads alot.......One of the small black guys stole the egg-shaped thing from one of the midgets and ran right into these fat guys lined up in some sort of conga line......some of the fat guys were helpin' him an some were tryin' to get him before the police came.........There were alot of people in the stands actin' like they knew what the hell was hapening, and discussin' all this enthusiasticly with one another, mostly wild-eyed older guys an one Texan-lookin' wide-eyed young guy..........Looks like any city park to me............hope this helps..... ....Scout Gush"

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